April 30, 2008

Horsey Skirt!

Appparently my niece and I are not the only ones smitten with this skirt:

Thank to Dandelion Vintage for the mention in the Vintage Bulletin

April 29, 2008

Heaven. Squared.

I took the day off from my computer to buy out an estate. En route I found this painting, which combines two of my favorite things - kittens, and wacky outsider art.

It's just what I need!

April 28, 2008

Behind the scenes at NSV Corporate Headquarters

On the walls - a series of 6 portaits of the same poodle. Insane in my favorite sort of way.

In front, my little Luna (as in Lunatic). Generally a black shadow with bright green eyes, hiding behind a plant. This gown brought her out. Maybe it's all the aurora borealis rhinestones.

April 26, 2008

My yard

Found in the past few days:

While raking the yard this peeked through the dirt like a big blue eye. We have found old bits of glass and stone in our yard before, so I like to think it is an artifact.

This is probably my favorite thing that I have ever bought. It is from the estate of a Maine doctor - I suspect he is one of these photos. I am hoping it's the guy on the bottom left.

Because 5 vintage bikes are not enough - a 1964 Triumph TR6. It starts on the first kick.

And a "new" truck! It is crazy pretty, all thunderstorm silver or something like that. And it has tons of room, so I can load it up with all sorts of cool vintage clothes.