February 19, 2009

The coolest woman in the world

Anka-Eve Goldmann.

BMW enthusiast, racer, and motorcycle fashion stylista.

You can read about her at the vintagent blog, which is my new favorite non-vintage CLOTHING related blog.

Two months until the roads are clear!

February 2, 2009


A new year, new president, and a new lighting setup at NorthStar Vintage. Crazy times!

I've always loved the yellow wall background of my photos, but all that color was messing with the true hue of the photographs. So I've invested in a new lighting and backdrop setup and it is making me very happy. Finally I can capture the detail of black velvet (or the tougher to shoot blue velvet) garments, and can fully display some of the big wedding gowns that took up half of my previous shooting area.

Here are a few examples:

1950's white embroidered lace gown.

1950's black ribbed satin New Look dress/coat.

1980's blue velvet Norma Kamali dress.

1940's cream satin wedding gown.

Some of these will be going up on eBay, and some of these will be going upon my website, which, in another exciting (at least to me) development, is being worked on by a bona fide web guru. Finally!

So stay tuned for pictures that finally show the beauty of the clothing. And for the new Northstar Vintage website. I'll have a party, and you all are invited.