September 30, 2009

Lucite Box

I blogged yesterday about how much I enjoy meeting my buyers and watching them interact with the clothes.

But I've had just as much fun "meeting" my online buyers, and other online vintage dealers.

Holly and I "met" when she bought a dress from me about 8 years ago.  She wrote me a very nice email when she received it, and ever since, she's been a consistent correspondent and friend.  It was Holly who directed me to the then-new Vintage Fashion Guild, Thanks to the VFG, I am a better, more knowledgeable, more conscientious seller.

Holly writes like the dickens, and I am flattered to have one of my items featured in her blog.  She has great taste in clothing and her website is a treat.

September 28, 2009

Vintage Trunk Sale!

Saturday 10/3 at the Rise Studio in South Portland.

I have a whole rack of stuff  and 7 bins of accessories and textiles  tagged and ready to go.

Some of the other sellers participating are:

The Find Vintage
Olive's Closet
Grandma June

The last sale was a blast - I loved seeing my buyers try on the clothes.  It's so interesting to me to see what people like, and how they wear the item.  

September 27, 2009

The REAL ultimate yard sale

Last weekend I went to what was purported to be "The Ultimate Yard Sale."  It turned out to be a  bit of what some people refer to as a "cluster f*ck."

This weekend, Mr. Northstarvintage and I went to what was truly The Ultimate Yard Sale.   The yard sale that  dreams are made of.  The yard sale that Mr. NSV and I will be talking about at the nursing home.  It was one of the fabled "old lady who never threw out anything" yard sales.  And her nieces, who were holding the sale, just wanted to get rid of it all, so most things were about 25 cents.  Plus, we pretty much had the sale to ourselves, and they let us dig through the boxes as they brought them out.

When I die and go to heaven (knock on wood) it will be like this yard sale (or the perfect motorcycle ride).

We filled the car, and could have filled it again, had we not just had a yard sale.  I had to leave so much cool stuff behind.  But here are a few things

10 place settings of Red Wing pottery in a very cool mid-century modern pattern.  And about 30 matching 60's glasses.  I've been trying to find the name of the pattern, but no luck.  This is our new dinnerware.
Closeup of the dinnerware.

1950's L'il Abner bank, elf head with removable cap/lid, needlenose pliers, pair of tall ceramic Christmas cats, labeled "Fran" and "Lou" on the back (that made me sad), Don Ho cocktail glass (for our collection), red/white enamel measuring pourer, metal/chrome cannister for straws (?)

Pair of light up angels (one more fire hazard for the house) and vintage mammy doll.

This was about half of what we found.  It was a very good day

September 24, 2009

Holy Grail Part 3

For some reason, this summer I became obsessed with birdhouses shaped like real houses.  Judging from the prices these go for,  I am not the only one.

But two weeks ago, returning from Wawbeek on Lake Winnepesaukee, I stopped at a chicken coop turned into a secondhand store, and found this little bungalow for less than $5.00.

In a similar vein, I found two more additions to my bizarre lawn art collection:

The creature on the left is a cat.  Or a ghost.  The one with the pants and suspenders is a dog.  I think.

September 23, 2009

Jewelry and Purses and Belts!

I just added some stuff to Etsy.  Click on the freaky Gemini alien pendant (now for sale) to go our Etsy site.

Holy Grail Part 2

I've bought and sold a lot of Frye Campus boots, but never thought  they were quite my style (in other words, they are not black).  But these were my size, and nice and tall, and I tried them on and in that moment I realized I had named and simultaneously found, my next Holy Grail.

Now I'm a little less upset by the pending cold weather.

Here they are.  I call this, "Still Life With Boots and The Stig" (The Stig is the owner of the fluffy white feet sticking out from the patch of sun).

I'm a little slow

But I finally have a Facebook page.

September 22, 2009

Ultimate Yard Sale

It was supposed to be the "Ultimate Yard Sale" but perhaps they advertised it too well.  It was packed.  Too packed to see anything without fighting throngs of not-always-svelte-and-washed attendees.  At one point I was surrounded on every side by people, and the only escape involved climbing over a box of books.

I found two things.  A box of approximately 300 circa 1990 masks including one of the  Super  Mario Brothers and these two Dick Tracy villians


My second find is probably my new favorite thing - this insane poster sized woodprint "stamp."


The details are amazing:

I like to think this is Geddy Lee:

So I guess it was worth it.

September 21, 2009


I've been too busy to post, but not too busy to buy.  Here's my latest, favorite find - a vintage 1960's black velvet Pucci dress.  It's very wearable and I really would like to keep it, but I need to support my other habits (like renovating, yard saling, eating out).

Click on the photo for the auction.

And if the Pucci is too understated, I also have this fabulous vintage Paganne maxi dress up for auction.

September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Getting ready to go to the Owls' Head Vintage Transportation Museum for the Vintage Motorcycle Show.

It was a perfect weekend.