December 18, 2009

Portland Picnic

Mr. NSV and I went to the Portland Picnic last weekend to buy Christmas presents from local indy craftsfolk.
Bad dea, in retrospect, because all we wanted to do was buy for ourselves.
A few of the things I didn't buy:
Purses from Boomchick-a-boom

Pottery from Patti Aggi Ceramics:

 Earrings from Fayandrada:

Sweet weed box (and anything) from Strong Arm Bindery (who was once my studio neighbor - I could hear her binding the books, which was really cool).

I could even get NEAR the Grandma June table to look at the vintage, but I am positive that it was fabulous.

 Long t-shirt from Pinecone & Chickadee

Another photo portrait by Nathan Eldridge: (because I already have one!)

 Jellyfish print from Emblem Studios:

EVERYTHING offered by Ferdinand:

And about 90% of the other things offered at the sale.